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Personal information protection guidelines

We monitor personal information provided by consumers, board members and employees and utilize them for good products, service and development.

We aware of the task that keeping and protecting personal information has importance and to fulfill our duty, we obey the law regarding personal information and will protect them.

Personal identification number and/or any personal information that includes personal identification number will also be monitored but we obey the law regarding the personal identification number and will protect them.

For reasons of the business, in rebuilding companies by buying and selling of the business or acquiring companies, we might need to show personal information of our customers to the third companies or receive personal information from them. Nevertheless, Amano Fastener Works will protect customers’ personal information.

1. The use of personal information

We won’t utilize your personal information other than it is stated in our website.

2. Protecting your personal information

We carry out measures to protect your personal information as follows.

Set an organization or appoint someone to be responsible for personal information.

Maintain the office regulations that is implemented in relation to guidelines about the personal information protection law. Educate employees about protecting personal information and enforcement of appropriate access restrictions.

Implement of the safe plan to prevent illegal access to personal information, outward, leak of the personal information, assassination and falsification.