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We aim to be the company who changes the world with reforming screw technology

We have been one of the major suppliers of various kinds of screws since 1955, mainly for construction, household and automobile appliances.
Standard products such as woodworking and steel-frame fasteners are available at any time but we would always be happy to talk with our customers regarding the fastenings between components to make the fasteners user-friendly.


Screws for roof repair NEW
Construction repair work for slate improves
T-head series now on sale
Resolves roughness after construction by making screw’s head 0.9mm
Metal piece fixing screws now on sale
No need to prepare holes even with verge-board + wood backing by using a special tip of a drill blade
Long IX now on sale
Prepared holes are not needed any more for H steel and thick plates! adapts boards with thickness of between 2.3mm~2.9mm